• Date : 25 - 30 May 2015. Time : 10.00 - 17.00

    Posted : January 18th, 2016
    Advanced Program The Advanced (Level 2) program begins with a review of relevant Essential and Intermediate exercises, then students learn to apply STOTT PILATES biomechanical principles to exercises that require a higher degree of strength, balance and coordination. These courses can be taken immediately after the corresponding Level 1 course or as a series of courses. Advanced Program choices: Advanced Mat – AM Advanced Reformer – AR Advanced Cadillac – ACAD Advance........ Read more

  • Total Barre Workshops

    Posted : January 18th, 2016
    Total Barre Workshops " Endurance 1, Endurance 2 and Modified For Spesial Population on 01 and 08 August 2015........ Read more

  • Date : 08 June -13 June & 15 - 16 June 2015

    Posted : January 18th, 2016
    Intensive Mat-Plus™ – IMP This course is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness or movement, as well as those who are unable to devote the time required in our Comprehensive Program due to work and/or scheduling issues. Conducted over 2 weeks or 3 weekends. Building on your industry knowledge it teaches you to design and lead the Level 1 Essential and Intermediate STOTT PILATES Matwork repertoire, for personal or group training settings for a range of clients. Yo........ Read more

  • Wayne Seeto is coming to Jakarta with a BRAND NEW STOTT PILATES® Workshops!! 23,24,25 June

    Posted : January 18th, 2016
    Wayne is one of a select group of Master Instructor Trainers for STOTT PILATES®. As Master Instructor Trainer and Rehab Specialist, Wayne continues to assist with the development and implementation of elite training and certification programs for Pilates instructors around the globe. He is also a presenter at numerous health and fitness conferences and provides STOTT PILATES teacher training in mat and equipment-based Pilates for both fitness and clinical/rehabilitation certifications domest........ Read more

  • Date : 01 - 04 June 2015, Time : 09.00 - 17.00

    Posted : May 19th, 2015
      Functional Anatomy The Functional Anatomy course is part of the Comprehensive Program, and fully prepares students for that program. Additionally it can serve as a refresher or for anyone needing to fulfill the anatomy prerequisite for the Intensive course. The classroom-style presentation utilizes visual aids and hands-on techniques providing students with a thorough review of anatomy basics which can be applied to all repertoire, as well as functional activities and movement. - See more........ Read more