Pilates is a low-impact exercise  and does not induce inflammation and overuse syndromes. Increases in strength and improvements in flexibility.  Pilates is a technique that focuses on core strengthening, balance, and flexibility. These principles are some of the same principles used in the rehabilitation of many common orthopedic problems. Therefore, Pilates is more commonly being used in the prevention and rehabilitation of these orthopedic problems.  Pilates can help avoid injury, professional athletes in some sports have started performing Pilates regularly to help developing their core strength and flexibility. It is thought that these skills may help keeping the athlete injury-free and help enhance their performance. Nowadays Pilates is being used by more athletes as a means to  "crosstrain."  By strengthening the core muscles, Pilates helps to teach the body more efficient and balanced movements. Athletes who have better core strength are thought to have better dynamic control of their movements, and are less likely to sustain injuries. This is what is known as  "neuromuscular control,"  which has been used to prevent injuries including ankle sprains. STOTT PILATES® demonstrates how to integrate modified Matwork and Equipment based excercises appropriately into therapheutic conditioning.


One on One approach that would allow you to exercise at your convinient schedule and to experience the benefit of a more personal care due to varying reasons from feeling uncomfortable in a class environment or have any specific injuries or illness which would inhibit you from a class environment.

Semi Private/Duet

A Semi-Private Class as it says is a Session that involves 2 clients, under the attentive eyes of A Trainer.  The dynamic, stimulating energy found in regularly attended semi-private sessions will heighten the workout. Clients often take a mix of semi-private and private sessions, thereby getting both the benefits of one-on-one attention and maximum Pilates for their investment.

Pre/Post Natal

The most important reason why many women choose Pilates as one of the best exercises to do, both during and after their pregnancy is because Pilates is very adaptable. Most Pilates exercises can be modified as your body and abilities change. The modifications help you keep the purpose of the exercise, which is great to build core strength. If your abdominal strength, back and pelvic floor/Kegel muscles are toned, they will deliberately support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. No doubt, new mothers will get their figures back after the baby is born and avoid the all-too-typical Pot Belly and Dropping Breasts. It is important for you to find a facility that provides Certified Pilates Instructors who have already taken the ISP or Injury and Special Populations Course that can support your practice.

Group Class

The Pilates Group Excercise  has smaller class sizes for personalized training and optimal results. The Pilates Group studio has a class designed for individuals for any age or fitness level to help them achieve their fitness goals.Maximum number of participants :

• Group Mat  maximum of 10 participants

• Group Reformer maximum of 6 participants